Towards to Psychological-based Recommenders Systems: A survey on Recommender Systems


  • Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes Universidade Federal de Sergipe


This paper describes a brief survey of Psychological-based Recommender System describing the state of the art of the area. Firstly we briefly define the Recommender Systems, followed by the description of the approaches usually used in order to implement them. Next, we present the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendation techniques, followed by some examples.   Next, we present the preliminary work developed considering Psychological-based Recommender Systems. In this paper we detail an experiment illustrating the scenario where we apply a Personality-based Recommender System. Finally we present some conclusions.

Biografia do Autor

Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes was born in Passo Fundo/RS, south of Brazil.
Since finishing her undergraduate studies her chosen research area have been Artificial Intelligence. 
In her Master degree, her research was focused on Cognitive Agents in order to improve the interactions between humans and computers. 
From her PhD, she began to work with Affective Computing and how to model and represent the Human Psychological aspects in computers aiming improve the personalization and satisfaction of humans during their interacting with computers.
Her more recent projects includes personalization in Recommender Systems considering Psychological aspects, such as Personality and Emotions. 




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Nunes, M. A. S. N. (2010). Towards to Psychological-based Recommenders Systems: A survey on Recommender Systems. Scientia Plena, 6(8). Recuperado de